Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gilbert, Sullivan, and Buttercup

First post from blogger phone app. I'm sitting at intermission at a local theater troupe production in which my pal Kathy plays a leading role; Miss Buttercup.
More later.

Back home. The production was two separate shows, both from Gilbert & Sullivan: The first, trial By Jury is a short, one-act musical - entertaining - funny - good job by the cast. The second, H.M.S. Pinafore, was the one my friend was in, playing the role of "Little Miss Buttercup".

It was fun to see the performance - I sat front row, center. We had an interactive experience as I Facebooked just before the show where I was sitting ans she had responded, "I'm not going to look at you." Then at the intermission, I replied, "You so looked!" (Not sure how this read but it was fun to be a part of it-LOL).

Another funny story, I got to hang for a short time after the show with Kathy and she told me that there is a monitor in the backstage area that is focused on the orchestra conductor, who happened to be directly in front of me - keeping me on camera for a ggod period of time. At one point (not sure if it was intermission or the end of the show) I got up, turned around and kind of made adjustments - she said it looked like I was going to moon them (of course, had I known the camera situation, I might have).

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