Thursday, February 10, 2011


"Dad, what's a humanitarian, someone who eats humans?"

The laugher ensued....then of course I got serious, explained what a humanitarian was. My daughter was looking through newspaper articles from the Boston Globe for a school assignment. She kept insisting there were so many hard words to which I agreed but also mentioned, "that's how you learn new words..."

This post brought to you by the "you can't make this stuff up" files, family edition.

In completely unrelated follow up news, I posted the pictures below on Facebook a while back claiming that I had been introduced to this new artist and imlying how much I loved these works. Most people thought I needed to have my head examined :)

Well, the fact is, both were created by my cousin's dog Roxy. My cousin taught her to draw and these two were the fruits of her labor. Now look at them again and I hope you will agree, for a dog, pretty impressive!


Joy said...

Love your daughter's question about humanitarian! Great!

The dog does pretty well.

Chris said...

Joy-lol, she's a keeper :) i to was impressed with Roxie's art.