Monday, February 21, 2011

Keeping Up Appearances

There were probably half a dozen times yesterday where I thought, "hey, time to write the blog post" and each of those times I somehow got diverted by something else. The net result, the first day of 2011 without a blog post. I've always said in the past that a post should be more about posting for some purpose other than just for the sake of it but I have since come to realize the simple discipline of wanting to post daily is something of a stimulant to the creative part of my mind.

I slept in today, until 7:30am. I know, doesn't sound much like sleeping in but ordinarily, it's 5:00am so 7:30 was a treat. I made myself a nice healthy breakfast and soon after, did a 45 minute workout on the treadmill while watching some of the Saturday Night Live special that was on last night.

I guess mother nature wanted to remind us who's in charge. After spoiling us with temps in the 50's last week, I woke up to a fresh thin layer of snow and as I type this at nearly 10 am, the now is still falling in a taunting flurry. The forecast for tomorrow indicates freezing temps so it's back to the real world here in New England. I'll be getting a second workout later this afternoon as I hand shovel my driveway leaving the snow thrower to rest for another day (unless the accumulation increases dramatically).

I guess that's it for now. I need to hit the shower then perhaps mark some assignments and stay on top of the workload. Take care readers and thanks to all of you who have been stopping by. The statcounter reports indicate that readership in 2011 has doubled on average...I guess posting makes sense. Also, in case you haven't noticed, I've been going back through the archives and adding LABELS to all the posts. There is a complete listing of all of the labels over on the right - click on a label and see the posts that are labeled as such. Peace!

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