Saturday, February 05, 2011

Labels, Tables, and Aesop's Fables

On occasion, I think back to a blog post or make reference to one but sometimes have a bit of a time finding it on the blog. So I thought, I really should have utilized these labels, I guess I need to go back and ad labels to posts that really should be labeled. Considering the 1300ish posts, it will take a while to get through but the ones that have been labeled, are now accessible via labels over on the right side of this blog.

In case you haven't noticed, I've been spending quite a bit more time here than last year. I know that there are folks stopping by based on the statcounter reports and if you have a chance, I would greatly appreciate a comment - any kind of feedback would be great.

This is a very interesting table:

I haven't read any of Aesop's fables in a long time so I decided to download a free version to my Kindle.

  • I finally scraped up the courage to go up into my attic to see if there were any signs of snow damage and much to my delight, there isn't a single drop of water or evidence of any problem.
  • I stand by my assessment of the iPad being a piece of crap.
  • Angry Birds is addictive.
  • I wish Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Men of A Certain Age were all on and running new episodes right now (despite I have a nearly full DVR).
  • I am hoping that I get approved to go to a conference in Vegas this year - hoping to hang out with my pals there.

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