Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Mirage

I've heard it said that when you walk in the desert for an extended period of time you begin to see mirages; I believe that is what I am beginning to see when I walk outside and all there is to see is snow. For instance, today I was walking to my car at lunchtime and I could swear I saw this giant yellow ball in the sky emitting mildly heated rays of sunshine.

The extent of how damaging this quantity of snow can be hit home today. One of the campus buildings was shut down because the roof had been compromised from the weight of the snow and ice. Fortunately, they caught this in time before anything happened and before anyone got injured but it is still kind of scary to know that this type of reality exists as a result of this weather.

I will count my blessings and continue to hope that no one gets hurt in hopes that some of the snow will begin to melt especially when the accumulations are at dangerous levels.

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