Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I am not sure what possessed me to leave my house this morning and actually show up for work. All of the newscasts insist that it will only get more treacherous on the roads as the day progresses and the M.O. for where I work is send them home at the most dangerous possible moment.

Here is a view from the loading dock at the college; it's just starting out and I know, my phone apparently only shoots video in one direction and I forgot, so tilt your head 90 degrees to the left or your monitor 90 degrees to the left :).:

I've coined a new word, "Snowpression" which is a combination of three words: Snow, Oppression, and Depression...use it accordingly.

I suspect when I get home, there will be just enough snow blocking my driveway so that I won't be able to drive in (thanks to the asshole plows)...sorry to be a downer, I suspect if I stood home I would be far less upset. I shall go now - perhaps I will check in later with some visuals from the home front.


egan said...

I start reading blogs again and this is what I get for a post?

Chris said...

Egan- I will strive to meet your criteria for an interesting post :)