Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Where I Come From

I've read a number of books about my hometown of Brooklyn, New York. It seems that in order to effectively talk about Brooklyn and what it meant to grow up there, especially in the context of the period of time I grew up and how it relates to and was affected by previous periods in time, would take at least a single volume worth of space.

I suspect most people can wax nostalgic about where they come from - and most people might even feel the same as I do about the good feelings I get when I think about how it was. It makes me a little sad to say that things have changed though. I've been back a few times since I left 13+ years ago and each time I go back, I get a little sadder because it seems to be a little "worse" than it was.

I guess it could be just me and the distance that has altered my view because the way of life there is way different than where I live now. I miss "home" sometimes but I think what I miss more than the place I grew up in is the place I grew up in when it was the backdrop for so many memories that shaped who I am and how I think.

Today I received a link from a dear friend who also moved away from Brooklyn. The link was to a youtube video that is actually a montage of different places in Brooklyn, serving as music video for a song about Brooklyn, the hometown of the composer. I've embedded the video here - I walked many of the streets, been to many of the shops/eateries pictured here - I got quite emotional watching this.

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