Thursday, February 24, 2011

Work Related

The workplace is such a major part of most people's lives. There are good times and bad, office romances - that sometimes become office marriages and even office divorces. Friendships are forged - some that last as long as the work relationship and some, some last longer.

Take a moment to think about all the stories you can tell that started in the workplace. Think about how many emotional moments have stemmed from the workplace. The workplace, for many, is a necessary extension of our regular life. Funny though, we can, and often do, take a vacation now and again from our workplace but do we ever get to take a vacation from our lives?

In other work related news, my pal Wayne is celebrating his last day tomorrow as he moves onto a new position at another school. I remember there was a lot of tension when Wayne first started but over time, we were able to work through that tension and work well together. I had some fun times at the Blackboard World conferences in San Diego, Boston, Vegas, and Orlando with you pal - good luck at MCPHS and working on your Master's and stay in touch.

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