Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(Another) "Professional" Day

We had another professional day at the college yesterday so the "kids" in all the day classes were happy for a break while us "professionals" gathered to develop our minds and sharpen our skills (so to speak). In preparation for rolling out a new version of our learning management system (Blackboard) in the Fall, I was charged to offer a presentation demoing the new product, touting some of its features and dodging questions; I thought I would dress the part...but only after an unusual event led me to purchase a new tie.

I happened to be in TJMaxx the evening before and I always look through the tie rack to see if there are any Garcia's. While there weren't and not much of anything else worthy either, there was a neat little black and red number in the back of one rack that I thought was kind of cool and would look sharp against my black shirt. However, I kept in it my mind, left it be, then headed to the back of the store to see if they had any bargains on a second pair of sneakers.

With nothing on the shoe rack, I made my way back toward the front of the store for a quick glance at the dress shirts when I noticed the tie that had caught my attention earlier had moved from near the back of the rack to right up front - no doubt, the work over an observant and clever employee (or a fucking ghost). I couldn't resist another look see and so this time, I flipped it over and to my surprise, it was clearance priced at an irresistable $3.00! I paid the small bounty in cash and was on my way...

here's the thing, this is where I go on about professional day but don't really feel like it. Okay, you twisted my arm, I'll give you something. I did a great job! That's right, I said it - sounds like a brag and in a way, it is. I worked very hard to prepare and I gave it my all and I ahve every reason to believe that it paid off (besides, I did get a few raves from the crowd).

After leaving for the day, I had to go pick up my daughter who made a point at telling me how sharp I looked and that she wanted to take a few pictures so here I give you a serious one and a silly-ish (smiling) one:

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