Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easy Bake Oven as A Weapon and as an Oven

As a weapon: The easy bake oven in an iconic toy "selling more than 23 million units since its 1963 debut" (Datko). I recall at one time, they were yellow - and I recall there being one in the garbage can out in the back alley sometime back in the 1970's. I know the fact that there was an easy bake oven in the trash may seem like a "yeah, so what?" piece of information but let me tell you of its relevance (even though I sense I may have told you at some point before).
There was this kid that lived up the block, Michael Sorrano (sp.) and one day, we got in a tiff. I have no idea over what but in those days, it was one minute pas then next, at each others throats. Anyway, I was a weakling without any fighting skills, yet still managed to be an occasional wise ass troublemaker and get into fights. Not sure of the specifics as to why, but Mike came at me and started throwing punches and the sort and before I got hit hard enough to go down, I grabbed the easy bake oven from the garbage can and swung it by the electrical cord smack dab into the side of Michael Sorrano's head face...we were pals the next day.

As an oven: Hasbro will stop making the easy bake oven in it's current, and classic form, which uses a 100 watt bulb to generate the heat needed to bake the "cakes and cookies" (in quotes because I use those terms loosely - there's still one in my house) in favor of a more energy efficient and eco-friendly heating element. I love what Stephen Colbert said, ""It's the end of all light-bulb-based cooking, this light-bulb ban has set off a watt riot." The light bulb based toy was the brunt of many a joke over the years but I am easy - I am all for "green" even when we are talking about toys.

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