Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am Madonna

Today we are looking at a gas receipt from the 90's where I signed the name "Madonna" to make my purchase. Take a look at the price I paid for 93 octane back then, $1.269 per gallon (a few days ago I paid $3.479 for 87 octane).

I've listened to the Tom Waits album "Closing Time" all the way through on three separate occasions in the past week. This record has always been a favorite of mine but for some reason, this week it was burned in my mind and I wanted to keep it there.

Closing Time
I invented a new communications initiative today called "Sunday Smiles" where I send an email to someone sending smiles. I sent my first one today and just need to remember this next Sunday and each Sunday thereafter.

I clipped Oliver's claws last night, all of them (he only has them on his rear paws). The significance of this is that he would never have that in the past and I would always have the vet do it and watch in awe as they completed the task in seconds and I would always need to struggle for ever and consider myself lucky to get one. However, patience, observation, and the right clipper all go a long way into achieving success.

I am working on putting an XTRANORMAL movie together based on a prank phone call I made a number of years ago - look for it in the near(ish) future.

Enjoy the short remains of the weekend and remember to hug someone (but ask permission first).

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