Friday, March 04, 2011

A Lost Haiku Collection Recovered

A few years back I served on the search committee at my church that eventually brought us our rector. The two and a half years I spent on that committee was an important experience for me and one of the wonderful parts of it were the relationships and friendships that were forged. When the search ended, I wrote a haiku for each of my fellow committee members (and for our rector) as a gift. Here's what I gave each of them:

My search committee friends,
With our celebration in the past and Julie now in place as our rector, I spent some time composing haiku form poems for each of you. One of the things I like so much about the haiku form is that there is no room for filler, the entire poem is 17 syllables and everything you need to say has to fit. While the search process and our time together has brought many thoughts, the ones reflected in these poems are the ones that came to mind first at the time of writing and as such, they reflect a piece of what you mean to me and/or what I see in you.

A brother and friend
Finding his place in God’s world
In search of a call

The voice of reason
A fellow Yankee fan too
A cherished new friend

Prayer and reflection
You always had the right words
Your spirit still speaks

A child of our church
From its birth to the future
With you, we move on

A wordsmith at heart
Our great communicator
You gave us a voice

Unique perspective
The wisdom of your life’s work
And your gentle soul

At first a stranger
I’m grateful to have met you
Stranger, now Sister

Zach & Brandon:
More than just “the kids”
You’re the voice of our future
Keep us in your heart

To our dear friend and consultant Barbie:
A loving mentor
Your wisdom and your guidance
An angel from God

And for Julie, our wonderful new rector:
A leader chosen
With the spirit in our midst
You, our shepherd priest

Here’s to all the moments we’ve shared thus far, and to our wonderful future.
I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life.
Love and Blessings,

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