Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make 'Em Laugh

I think I've talked here about the few times I've attempted stand up comedy. It's been many years since I stood on the stage and tried to make people laugh but I remember as if it were five minutes ago how difficult and daunting a task it is. I remember the highest moment, the one time I had them - on their feet and laughing so hard. In my head, I had done something I never thought possible and it was only a minute or two in. Seconds later, I was about to learn the biggest and most important lesson, when you have and audience where you want them - you need to keep them there or they will turn on you; faster than a speeding bullet.

It's been nearly 20 years since I stood before a crowd hoping to get them to laugh and on April 30th, I will finally take the chance to do it again. I am hosting a fundraising dinner at church and coordinating the talent and as part of that, I will be performing original comedy material and if everything works out, I'll get through it and maybe get a laugh or two. Heck, perhaps I can avoid the entire crowd turning on me. We shall see.


egan said...

Now that's cool news. With the church crowd you're going to need to keep it a bit cleaner so this should be interesting. You've got six weeks to write and rehearse your material. Good luck.

Chris said...

Egan-I'm less nervous because, at least in my head, this crowd can't be as tough as in a comedy club (perhaps I am fooling myself). Thanks for the encouragement.