Thursday, March 24, 2011

My thoughts On Idol Performances (In a sentence or two)

Here is a quick sentence or two about each performance from last evening's Idol:

  1. Casey-"Heard it through the grapevine": really good - a very unique (and talented) performer
  2. Thea-:Heatwave": very karaoke...not strong at all, no soul
  3. Jacob-"You're all I need to get by": captured the spirit of Motown and put his stamp on it in a very special way.
  4. Lauren-"You keep me hangin' on": her strongest performance in a while. She countrified it and sang with more conviction than in the past.
  5. Stefano-"Hello": looked and sounded like he hadn't dropped a deuce in a week or two and was pleading...horrible performance, a slaughtering of a beautiful song...really awful, worst performance of the night by far.
  6. Haley-"You really got a hold on me": felt very contrived and phony. She seems to bust out vocal tricks simply for the sake of using them and not to express the sentiment of the lyric. While this was a strong performance than I remember from her, it wasn't anything special. I think she needs to learn how to use the voice she has.
  7. Scotty-"For once in my life": he couold have a hit on the country charts tomorrow with that song. Very unique and convincing adaptation - stayed true to his vocal identity and really did a great job.
  8. Pia-"All in love is fair": I'm not a fan, she's so terribly overrated in this competition thus far. Is was another underwhelming performance for me. Very showy, no real emotion, nothing to grab hold of. Yeah, she can it a high note, that doesn't mean she's a great singer.
  9. Paul-"The tracks of my tears": I had lost my faith in him the last two weeks but this was a nice rendition of this song. Knowing he couldn't and shouldn't do his version of Smokey, he made it his own and gave it a singer/songwriter folksy vibe and made it work.
  10. Naima-"Dancing in the street": a valiant effort but short of the level needed to excel in this competition. There were moments, she clearly has a performance bug but there's something missing for me in the big picture.
  11. James-"Living for the city": loved it! Such a strong performer and good, so so good.

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