Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pop Goes the Weasel and 11 becomes 9

The jack in the box was always a questionable toy for the young. I recall this one whee the clownish thing that popped out was particularly evil looking and the music was extra creepy. It was freaking scary, not fun...except, get this, when it was, kind of fun.

I have planned for four vacation days in the month of April, partly because I have an excessive amount of vacation time and I'll kind of lose some of it if I don't take it. I've already started thinking about excuses for not cleaning my house, or attempting to, during some of that off time.

Thea and Naima are going home, still plenty of awful singers left though.

I've received lots of great, positive feedback on my presentation from professional day - this is the kind of thing that makes me feel good. Every so often, we all need a bit of validation or positive reinforcement.

Finally, I am sending out lots of positive vibes to a few folks who could use them.

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