Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today I met with a student who recently completed my 8 week course and earned an A in the class. The student worked hard, respected deadlines, and asked good questions. She was troubled at the grade she received on the Microsoft Word portion of the exam and asked for a meeting so that I can go over it with her.

While I was impressed with her desire to learn from the mistakes she made, despite her already having achieved the maximum grade in the class, I was disturbed at some of the other students who seemed not to give a crap.

I wish I could tap into that part of the student brain that seems to have an odd sense of prioritization. I was a student and I had my moments, but I certainly gave a crap. I know a bunch of people that wish that could go back in time and have a do over and while its nice to think it's never too late, sometimes, the second trip to the plate comes with regrets.

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