Saturday, March 12, 2011


No, not racial segregation - political segregation; it might be time. Let's just divvy up the USA and one side can contain the crazy conservatives and the other for the liberals. While I myself am a democrat, I clearly see issues with how both parties are playing the game right now and the biggest problem I have is that they are playing a political power game instead of looking at the specific issues and the needs of the people. The agenda seems to be first advance the party then do what you can for the people - this is not what I learned that democracy was about and quite frankly, I am not sure if this is democracy and if it is, whether it is best.

My number one criticism of the republican party is how is has somehow attached itself to the religious right and extended the rightness of conservatism so far that many historically conservative politicians would stand on the left side of the scale today. God, whom I do believe in (I am a practicing Episcopalian), has zero place in politics - religion in general should be moot (never mind the bible - that's a whole different post at some point).

My main criticism of the democratic party is their complete lack of a backbone. Take a stand, make a move, be firm - what is with the cowering on every darn thing? There is a big difference between compromise and cowering and there is just too much cowering going on. As much as I hated Bush and as much as he screwed up this world and our country (probably beyond repair), when he made a decision, he took action and didn't worry about whether or not all parties felt good about it. Granted it was probably not him who made the final decision because of his lack of a brain but nonetheless, he never cowered (in all fairness, he rarely compromised as well).

The only way this country can ever begin to heal is if somehow both parties can put the people's agenda first leaving God's agenda for God and the people to work out for themselves (separation of church and state, remember that?). Enough politics, I've got pizza dough rising and better things to do....besides, I did my first workout on the Total Gym this morning and I ache a bit - time for a hot shower to relax these muscles (I used that term as loosely as possible).

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