Friday, March 11, 2011


7:33 AM
I just came across this in the help desk and had to share it:
"I was wondering if i was still a students at XXXX XXX. I attended about 2years ago and i don't remember if i dropped my classes. I wanted to know if i was still enrolled, because if i did not then i would like to unroll."
Unroll? Oh man did I laugh out loud!

I'll see ya later with some more of my day perhaps...

I didn't expect to be back so soon but I came across another help desk goodie that I saw the other day and it is still there, so I thought this is sad/funny, let's share:
"Please post new signs indicating the Men's Locker Room and Women's Locker Room in Framingham, the signs are spelt wrong. thanks!"
Do I even need to say anything about that one?

Later again lovies...


Rob C said...

Dear HelpDesk,

Please provide me with the status of my unroll as I need to make the time I wud be going to classes to collect the monies for the garbaiges.

Thank youz.

Chris said...

Rob, LOL!