Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Teacher's Lament - Umpteenth Edition

I have a student who waits until the very last minute to do every assignment, has zero time management skills, and does nothing but complain. I am convinced that if this person where to invest as much time doing the work I require of them as they do complaining that they would be in very good shape - but no, complaint after disrespectful complaint!
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I've been conferring with colleagues who also teach online classes about how the new generation of e-student has a whole new slew of BS excuses - it's funny how the excuses are all the same.
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I've been working with an English class doing a video essay project - I think I may have mentioned it - this is fun stuff!
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I'm fascinated to see the tech savvy students who are utilizing smart phones, tablets, and other new technologies as companions to their studies.


April said...

I always wanted to be an English teacher. I totally should have. But no. You know what I do Chris? I kiss asses all day. I help obnoxious, entitled assholes feel better about being obnoxious, entitled assholes. At least you are contributing to society. I am doing the opposite. I need to go back to school....

Chris said...

Oh April, now I know why you like Altoids (LOL).

Seriously, I know man it's all so mystifying sometimes. I think if you really feel passionate about going back to school, do it. When I went for my Master's it was my own decision and my money and it was hard, but very soul satisfying.