Thursday, March 17, 2011

To the Vet

Today, as has been tradition the last few years, I tool Oliver to the vet for his annual checkup, and this time, for his 3 year booster shot. After my morning workout, I took the pet carrier from the basement, where Oliver was with me to ensure I was exercising and not goofing off. The instant he saw me grab that carrier, he took off; I find this insane since it has been an entire year since his last time in - yet this year, and each of the past few, he seems to know what it is and runs at first sight of it.

I brought the carrier upstairs and placed next to his little "house". I then went to the upper level where he was hanging out under the sheets on Victoria's bed. I had one of his toys in my shirt pocket and once I got his attention and he saw it there, the deception began. I eventually picked him up and while I was carrying him, he became preoccupied with the toy in my shirt pocket - that was enough to get him close enough to the entrance to the pet carrier.

I had practiced in my head the specific technique for grabbing him so that he wouldn't be able to wiggle away from the carrier yet I wouldn't be causing him any harm. He was about a third in before he started to struggle and escape and in his frantic panic, he actually pee'd a little spot on my right hand. I slightly tilted the carrier upward and he slid in enough so that I was able to close the door before he turned around and attempted an escape. He looked at me almost as if he was saying, "okay, you won, that is, if you consider getting your hand pee'd on a bit a win."

It was a 40 minute ride to the vet and he was quiet the whole way. Once there, we had only a short wait before being called in to the examining room. I still get a kick that when they make the call, they use the pet's name and not the owner - it's very funny. In the past, Oliver is extremely submissive once he gets poured out of his carrier onto the cold stainless steel table in the exam room. Today, on several occasions he attempted to flee and oddly enough, was gunning for the same pet carrier he was so reluctant to get into at home.

The visit went well, he is in perfect health and weighed in at exactly the same (13.7 pounds) as he did last year. Time to put the carrier away until next year.

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