Friday, April 08, 2011

7 Day Challenge - A Meme (Day 2)

Day Two: List seven good friends and how you met.

The biggest challenge with this post is not alienating anyone. I have a number of good friends and lots of people I like that could be on this list. Not appearing on this list does not mean I think any less of you - these are the names that hit me first for a variety of reasons.
  1. Johnny D – I met Johnny through my friend Rob, who I met working at Titus Oaks Record Store in Brooklyn New York (thank you). Lots of great memories with Johnny D and that whole gang, several of those memories have been written about on this very blog.
  2. Rob C – I met Rob at Computer Software Plus in Brooklyn New York (thank you). Rob is a good partner in hijinx and we’ve caused a stir in many a place from Bay Ridge in Brooklyn New York (thank you) to Salem, MA and beyond. Remember the “Large Phillipino in a Hatchback” post? The hatchback was Rob’s old Mazda RX7.
    Because he had to mention it in a comment, I thought I'd add this very flaming photograph of Rob and I:
  3. Cuzzup” – aka, my cousin Annalisa. The story of when we first met is not one that would lead you to believe we could be friends at some point but over the years, we’ve been more friends than cousins. I first met Cuzzup when she was the “devil child” - I don’t know 10 or 11 years old or something. She came to visit us from Chicago and spent a good part of the summer with our Family – which she would do for three consecutive summers. By the third summer, I was so fed up with her I used her coming as a catalyst to move out of my parent’s house and get my first apartment. However, years later we got in touch – around the time she was getting married and I had just moved from NY to MA. We talked a bunch over the phone then visited each other a few times – we are still very close pals.
  4. Mike Barra – I’ve know the guy for nearly 40 years! He moved into the house right next door to me back in 1971 or 1972 ish and we’ve been friends since. While we live in different states now and don’t get together or talk as much, wow, we’ve been down some dirt roads together from experimenting with drugs, drinking, fireworks, neighborhood sports, music, and talk about shenanigans and hijinx.
  5. Linda – met her at work. Linda isn’t my favorite colleague – she lets the workplace get to her more than she should and that sometimes creates a tough working relationship, especially because we’re friends. But outside of work, Linda is one of the kindest people you’ll ever know with a heart of gold. I’ve spent a number of holiday’s at Linda’s and have gotten to know her family – just real good people and lots of fun too.
  6. Kathy – met her at church. I feel like Kathy, her sister Sarah and her Brother Mark should all be included because they are all super cool. Kathy is a firepit pal – her husband Chuck is the chief pyromaniac and also, a heck of guy.
  7. Jenn Oberle – if I didn’t include her last name it could have easily been confused with the many other Jen’s I’ve known (and also love). I met this Jen for the first time in the old alley way in Brooklyn New York (thank you), her close friend Michelle live across the way from me – that was almost 25 years ago. I’ve always felt a special connection with my pal Jen over the years and while there was a long period of time where our friendship was me sending her a Christmas card every year and wondering how she was doing, we crossed paths again having both moved to MA. We reconnected here and I got to see her perform (she’s an amazing musician and brilliant vocalist0 many, many times. I got to meet the amazing Steve, who she eventually married and they now live in L.A. and we remain in touch via phone and Facebook. Jenn and Steve are both super talented but more than that, they are two of the sweetest people I know and I am so proud to call them friends.


Rob C said...

Who can forget the Market - Terr sunset sail where I was your date!! :)

Chris said...

Rob - Because you brought it up - take a look at the post, I've added somethign to it...

Rob C said...

LOL.. I love it. I also remember it well, remember that we walked around the boat, talked to people and they would always try their best to get away from us as they became increasingly uncomfortable.
Oh.. let's not also forget the vendor shows we used to go to!! LOL