Saturday, April 09, 2011

7 Day Challenge - A Meme (Day 3)

Day Three: List 7 things to do before you die

"Bucket lists" scare me becaues there are reminders of my mortality but I'll come up with a few things that I want to do very badly.
  1. Travel through Europe, especially Italy.
  2. See my  daughter as a "successful" adult.
  3. Write a hit song (or have something I've written be positively recognized by a very large group of people).
  4. Interview a celebrity whom I admire.
  5. Complete either the Boston or New York marathon (walking of course, I could never run the whole thing and I am not sure I'd want to).
  6. Spend a game day with the New York Yankees.
  7. Visit all 50 states in the US (unless I choose to leave the country permanently)


ria said...

great list of things you want to do, i had a hard time thinking of 7 very important things i want to do.

Chris Daniele said...

Ria- this was a tough list to come up with but very satisfying in the end. Thanks for the inspiration for this series of posts.