Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Bento Box of Blog Posts

My daughter is really into anime and many things Japanese. She's taking a manga drawing class on Saturday's and has books of ideas for her own stories and oh, she's 12! I feel that my role is to encourage her and foster and environment of support and learning  - this is a wholesome hobby so I am going to support her for as long as it remains on her radar.

There's a neat and really good all you can eat sushi place that my kid has grown fond of as while it was always an event to go, it's more so now because she's now over 5 feet tall so no more half price, she's a full price. To make it fun, I save all of my coins and when there is enough, I take her to the sushi place and we have a blast. Recently though, in her study of all things Japan, she asked me, "what's a bento box?" I went on to tell her about the magic that is a bento box and her immediate reply was, "I need to have one". This being school vacation week and me having taken a few days off to spend time with her, yesterday, instead of using my loose change savings for the sushi place, we decided to go to a different Japanese restaurant to share the experience of a bento box (I've had them before but she of course had not).

Here's my bento box, called "Oga's Bento":

Both bento's came with Miso soup to start and I can say it was one of the best Miso soups I've ever eaten. The contents of my bento from top left: Salad, sashimi (tuna and yellow tail), tempura (shrimp and veggies). The second row: Rice, pickled veggies, a dollop of "mashed" potatoes, and some chicken skewer with what I will refer to as some sort of delicious Japanese barbecue sauce.

And now for Vickie's:
It's called the sushi bento box and of course, offers a number of varieties of sushi along with a salad and a sectioned orange.

I then let her order dessert, and I had a tough time with this because (a) I never order dessert out because it's so ridiculously expensive and (b) it was going to be a challenge to have a dessert on the table and not be able to eat it (I'm being good at avoiding sugar though I must confess to taking a very small taste)  - check out this custard pudding:
I'll end it there - we had a great time :)


Joy said...

She's growing up! Seems such a short time since she was a toddler. Those are beautiful meals - like art.

Chris said...

Joy - SHe's going to be 13 in July and she's over 5 feet tall now. She's still and always will be my little girl though :)