Monday, April 18, 2011

Boston Marathon Thoughts

I refer to it as Patriot's Day, at least since I moved to MA and began working for the state because I have had the day off - and this is a wonderful thing. However, as tradition would have it, it is also the day of the running of the Boston marathon. For those not actually running the marathon, it seems something of a tradition in an of itself to find a parcel of land along the marathon route to park oneself and watch the action.

About a decade or so ago, I lived about 18 feet from the marathon path and as such, saw it fit to explore such tradition as there was no chance of me running the thing. I walked the 18 feet and parked my lawn chair on the corner of Mellen Street off 135 to see what the deal was. While I must admit, watching the wheelchair participant was incredibly moving and inspiring, when it came to the runners, both the serious ones and the variety of "novelty runners" (dressed as clowns, super heroes, etc.) really did nothing for me. Yes, I acknowledge the awesome feat of completing or even attempting a marathon in a serious manner, at least it is athletic (unlike another major sport in MA that I abhor, golf...I hate that Tiger Woods is referred to as an amazing athlete - he is an amazing golfer but there is nothing athletic about that in my opinion)...however, watching the runners pass by, occasionaly sucking up some power goop or attempting to drink from a cup of dirty water as about 11% of it makes their mouth and teh rest on the ground - it all does nothing for me.

All that said really adds up to not much, I know but I did have today off and while I can only assume a Kenyan won the darn thing, it was still nice having the day off to do almost nothing on purpose.

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