Saturday, April 02, 2011

Car For Sale

"Car for Sale" is a prank phone call I made way back in the year 2000; Cuzz and CuzzHuzz were visiting from Arizona and we just got silly one night. I was inspired to make an "Xtranormal" video after seeing a great one staging an argument between a cell phone salesperson and a customer who was adamant about wanting an iPhone despite the salesman working hard to convince the person that the iPhone is all hype and there are far superior phones available. Of course, I saw that one over a year ago and after much procrastination, I present to you an unusually animated version of "Car for Sale". The process involved me transcribing the call as best I can and then build the script and and some motion effects in the Xtranormal template. I chose the characters and set I did, from the available ones, because I think it adds another dimenstion to the humor

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