Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

These flowers were in the courtyard at church today and I just snapped them with my cell phone. My first reaction is to think how cell phone cameras have improved enough that the "low end" market for digital cameras may be in trouble.

This was my first "Sugar free" Easter as I have been keeping a very low (mostly no) sugar diet since October. Easter is second only to Halloween in terms of candy related holidays so it was a bit tough but a dear friend gave me sugar-free peeps (I know, I would never have though that was possible either) and I had a few sugar-free Russel Stover chocolate covered marshmallows over the last few weeks - nothing out of hand though, after all, I am watching my figure :)

Church service was quite lively, a great crowd and terrific music. All in all - it was a darn good day.

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