Friday, April 15, 2011

For The Time Being

I have off today, which is nice - but even nicer, I don't need to be back at work until Wednesday morning for a nice 5 day in a row thingie. After a day of work on Wednesday, I'll need to rest my weary body so I took next Thursday off for good measure so that I could put in a honest day's effort on Friday before another weekend. LOL! Actually, I have a pretty large accrual of vaca time and at the end of April, they trim it so instead of losing it (they actually convert it to sick time), I am choosing to use it (we are only allowed to carry over 480 hours).
This evening I am going on a retreat with my church. The lay leaders, known as the vestry, of which I am a part, have an annual retreat to reorganize and look at goals for the year ahead. I am on breakfast duty tomorrow morning so I am bringing my Belgian waffle maker and going crazy with that.

Soon, I'll need to begin prepping for Summer (and Fall) courses which is going to be more time consuming since we are (finally) going to begin teaching Office 2010. I need to create a whole new set of assignments for the new textbook and prepare rubrics and all that fun teacher stuff; hooray for me.

Have a great one - speak to y'all very soon.

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