Monday, April 04, 2011

The Last $20

Writing prompt #284: "List 10 things you would buy with your last $20"

either a number of assumptions need to be made or a world of possibilities need to be overlooked. For example, if we are really talking the last $20, I'm seeing a pretty desperate situation - likely out of work and perhaps even homeless. If I buy food, will I be able to store it and keep it fresh? will I be able to cook things? How will I protect the things I buy?

I would think one of the things I would buy is fresh water; perhaps a few gallons of store brand spring water that I could purchase for $1. or less per gallon.

I would need to buy something I can eat but my concern, but likely only from the perspective of doing this list knowing I am not down to my last $20 and I have a roof over my head with running water and other comforts. Back to the food item, I'm thinking what is the most nutrient dense food I can get for as little $ as possible? Quinoa or some other grain - Trader Joe's has a nice grain blend.

As I think about this a little, I can see why the largest percentage of lottery tickets are sold to people who can't afford to gamble. I think it might be true that being in that position, the chance, no matter how small, of winning big is quite alluring.

come to think of it, the more I think about this scenario and read all that I've written above, it's to absurd - quinoa? How the eff can I think about Quinoa when I am on my last $20? I think it's best if I abort this mission for now - clearly I can't manage this right now.

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