Friday, April 22, 2011

Missing Persons Bureau

An end to a challenging last few days. I spent a good portion of my afternoon assisting with a missing persons case, I know, I am not a cop or an investigator - I am an educator but I am also a parent and when I saw that look in this parent's eyes I thought, that could be me and I am so grateful it isn't, I'm going to lend a hand here and help out.

As I understand it, the parent dropped off her son early in the morning for a class and I believe he was supposed to be finished by 10am - she was waiting to pick him up but he never returned to the car. To put this is a bit of context, the student is a community college student...

I noticed as I was leaving for lunch that there was some "unusual activity" on campus but I was in my own zone working on a project and so in need of my lunch break that I kind of tuned it out. However, as I returned, I quickly caught wind of what was going on and jumped on board with the crew immediately. I started by doing a run through of the building - searching all rooms on the second and fourth floors and then I acquired a photo from the parents and made some color copies.

Anyway, I could go on and on - campus police brought the town police in and it became quite a production. As of the time I left for the day, he had not been found but there were a few leads that the police and associate dean of students were working on. Eventually, I got the call that he was found and was okay....

The whole thing was pretty draining - not sure if I can adequately explain but if you are a parent, I think it will be easy to understand. I am glad that my pal Kathy called and invited me over to a fire pit - good friends, some "ine" (wine) and a nice fire pit really went a long way; feeling a bit better now.

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