Friday, April 01, 2011

Mother Nature Fools Us (Again)

Here in Middlesex county in Massachusetts, we woke up to snow; a couple of inches in my part of the state - much more in others. Fortunately, the warmish temps outside and the warm ground from a few weeks of "warmer" weather made short work of the snow and I suspect, by Monday, the largest percent of it will be gone. In fact, before it started, I vowed not to move any of it with the exception of if the plows trapped me in the driveway (which they didn't).

In other news, the veep insists that I will indeed be traveling to Las Vegas for the Blackboard World conference in July despite not having all the sign offs on the travel request as of yet. I'm more hopeful than ever but I am not booking anything until I have a go ahead in writing.

Tomorrow, I should have the final animated (courtesy of XTRANORMAL) version of a prank call I made a number of years back - look for it here.

Very happy about no need for an alarm clock tomorrow morning - off the sleepyland (soon)...until tomorrow :)

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