Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shock and Sadness

I was on Facebook last night and saw my sister online so I chatted in with a "How are ya?" and she responded by asking me if I've heard any "sad news out of Brooklyn today"; to which I replied, "No."

She then told me a story of a young mad who brutally stabbed his girlfriend dead then eventually confessing to the crime and being taken into custody. Then came the shock, it was someone we both knew. The killer is the brother of my sister's ex-husband. As a young boy and teenager, he would visit my family home and partake in holiday celebrations. He held my nephew and neice when they were little babies and later fathered four children of his own.

Evidently he had a history if metal problems having held a gun to his own head when his ex-wife and he were divorcing but he never sought the professional help he needed - clearly he was deeply disturbed. I am so sad for so many people right now that have been affected by this and it is very hard to even know this happens ever, ponly magnified by the demon of the story being someone you know.


Joy said...

That is too close to home! Watching crime shows on TV and the news is one thing, but this has to be shattering.

Chris said...

Joy - it's heartbreaking. I hadn't seen or been in touch with him for years but I remember him as a young kid (he's 34 now). So sad!

ria said...

that is so sad, i'm so sorry to hear that