Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vestry Retreat and Other Saturday Bullets

  • I am just back from a vestry retreat and feel invigorated about the great experience I had with some really great folks. Oh, and you're speaking not only to the Senior Warden, but the Commissioner for Evangelism (I'm going to take that word back from the evil TV jerks and let it have meaning again).
  • I need to "re-enroll" in my health insurance. This ear, the Commonwealth decided to raise awareness to the more cost effective plans by forcing people to actually look at them and their own plans by requireing re-enrollment and offering a nice incentive of a three month premium holiday for switching to a more cost effective "limited network" plan; time to do some homework.
  • I was able to leverage the power of Amazon and my experience is using Amazon to sell stuff to help my awesome neice sell a few of her textbooks...the check is in the mail sweetie.
  • Today is the amazing Tori's birthday - stop on ove at her blog and you'll see why she's so darn awesome and while you're at it, wish her a Happy Birthday.
  • I had a chance to touch an iPad2 today (I have an iPad 1) - not surprised that the folks at crApple are still money grubbing losers that put out "pretty" products but still leave out the essential for future purchases and don't give a crap about their customers except their money and how to take it from them.

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