Monday, April 25, 2011

A Walk Into Yesterday

This is a poem I wrote back in 1998, about 10 months after moving to MA. After reading it today, it got me thinking a bit as I've been thinking alot about events and people from the past (both recent and distant). Anyway, I hope you find something in these words that means something to you:

I took a walk down a street
I haven’t been to in quite a while
It’s almost as if everything has changed

Where despair once scattered the landscape,
Hope now runs rampant
Misery has given way to happiness
As the cracks in the sidewalk are no more

Yesterday is where it should be so that
Today can be a better day
And tomorrow doesn’t seem like
Such a bad place to go

After my walk, I returned to where
I have been for what seems like

I am sad again – because now I
Realize what I had done wrong
That street is no longer my home
But I never really needed to leave
I made the mistake of choosing to

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