Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Boston" Rob

I've been watching Survivor since season one and somehow, it for the most part manages to hold my interest and throw some new twists and turns. Rob Mariano has had the chance to play the game 4 times and at some point along the way, I kind of became a fan.

His journey has been an interesting one and as he finally won the game, and the million dollar prize, his story has come full circle and in my opinion, developed not a rally interesting human interest story.

He met his wife in the game, he became a father, twice over, had is wedding televised and infamously, was the runner up the year he met his wife Amber, who won that season. This was an interesting season and the game he played was masterful, as perfect as it can be played along with just the right amount of luck exactly when it was necessary.

Congratulations and best of luck "Boston" Rob and family.

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