Monday, May 30, 2011

Her Name Was Lisa (Not that Lisa, this Lisa)

As I typed the name of this post, it occurred to me how certain names have come up more frequently than others as people that I've crossed paths with in life. There have been what seem to be a larger quantity of Lisa's and Jennifer's that I've known (and/or know) and I wonder if that is coincidence or if there is a correlation with the popularity of those specific names during the time periods where relevant during my life.
Back in the summer of 1993, I went to see The Kinks with the late John Eugenio at the Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, NY. Crap, I just realized this was the third time I've seen the Kinds (the other two were at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ) and elsewhere on this blog, I've written that I've only seen them twice; I've short changed the Kinks - Sorry guys! Anyway, the real story here is this girl in my row, a few seats over on the right.

Everytime I peeked over to the right, there she was, big giant smile and looking over Really? Okay, I'll take that....After a few times of looking over to see her gazing, at what appeared to be me (I looked to my left to see if there was anyone else that she might be fawning over and wasn't convinced there was) I kinda did that seemingly dorky as I type it wink think along with the nod and semi-smile thing.

When the show ended, we hooked up to chat and since we were with other friends and driving situations, we exchanged phone numbers. Soon after, we had our first date, a simple dinner and a chat and yeah, a little of this and a little of that but not the whole shebang - settle down now.

We spoke on the phone a few times over the next week and planned our second date. I went over to her house, which was a bit of a trek - I lived in Brooklyn and she was in Rockville Centre but hey, what the heck, I wasn't exactly a dating machine and she seemed kinda cool. It was that second date though that kinda put me off to her. We were hanging out at her house and chatting and then she kind of told me about how her and her husband had recently split and that's where things got kind of creepy-ish. So, instead of being forward and bailing as I should have, I just kinds of made things a bit tougher on her - not a good move but I was naive and right or wrong, it's how I handled it. That was that, the last I saw of her.

I did manage to pluck a poem from that experience, though far, very far some might say, from a true literary materpiece, it does express part of what was and part of what might have been but wasn't; even a bit of projecting.

Chance Meeting on a Summer Night of 1993

I thought I’d write this poem
To help you understand
Although I am human
I’m no ordinary man

I’m not afraid of feelings
I’m not ashamed to cry
I’m not afraid to let you see
There’s nothing here to hide

It was fate that introduced us
And I’m happy now to say
You’ve been in my thoughts
Since that magical day

‘Twas the 30th of July
at the Kinks show when we met
That night that we came dancing
I never will forget

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