Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Six - Random Questions Edition

  1. Tea or Coffee? Coffee for sure. I like tea, particularly herbal teas but when the choice lumps all teas with all coffees, I am going for the coffees.
  2. Summer or Winter? This is not nearly as easy as it seems, I hate the snow and while I do enjoy winter to a point, it grow old fast. However, the same can be said of summer as I am not a major fan of the hot blazing sun nor sweating profusely.
  3. Flight or Fancy? Between the two, I would say flight, it's far more impressive and requires physics (no disrespect intended to the lovely fancy).
  4. Biscuits or cakes? Tougher than it may seem it should be, I am going for cake as the term is more universal than biscuit, which in some parts of the world means cookie and others, it means biscuit.
  5. Mac or PC? PC for sure.
  6. Grizzly Bear or Cuddly Bear? (NOTE:Not sure what that odd stuff was - I'm fixing this) The answer for me is Cuddly Bear - I am a cuddler and love to cuddle. Grizzly is an adjective that is heavily negative and not for me.

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