Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sugar is Sweet - Not So Much

This is a short (I think) tale of frustration. If you read my post yesterday, you know I deposited a blood sample for lab work in advance of my physical on Monday. Surprising, I received an email with the result earlier today.

The good news, which is really, great news - my cholesterol numbers are outstanding and my triglycerides went down from 189 (high) last October to 65 (quite good) now. I'm very proud of this accomplishment.

The bad news, which I really should refer to or get worked up over until I actually discuss with the doctor as I really don't understand the full deal but back in October, my fasting blood glucose was a 102 and after a number of higher reading, my doctor told me this was an indication that is am "pre-diabetic". So I was motivated at that time to take much better care of myself and have not missed a day of exercise since and also have drastically changed my diet virtually giving up sugar and have lost 26 pounds and a considerably lowered my body fat. Sadly, my fasting blood sugar yesterday was 105, three points higher from a time when I was eating candy bars pretty much every day along with ice cream and other sugary items - this saddens and depresses me.

Also, my HCT (hematocrit) is a bit low. I'm hoping that my current eating habits are the cause of this "anemia" and the simple solution is to have an occasional burger - I'll try to stay positive and keep working hard.

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