Friday, May 06, 2011

What I Was Going to Do...

...was rant on crApple. iTunes is such a piece of junk with so much potential but they choose to invest in this Ping stupidity - a waste of time and a total failure. Why is it that crApple still hasn't added a backup iTunes function that allows you to save to external disc?  Oh, and they got a giant, 27" iMac at work - it comes with this tiny, piece of crApple bluetooth keyboard, god forbid they spend the extra 11 cents to manufacture the rest of it so that it's comfortable to type on but heck, who needs functionality when they offer such style? But, I won't rant here, at least not now.

...was perhaps finish off my thoughts on "Mob Rules" mentality - like how a bunch of people all have some conspiracy theory working on Bin Laden. But I don't wish to go down that road either.

...was going to talk a little about how I actually find a little joy that the Red Sox are in last place for the moment, but I know better than that, so I won't do it.

...was going to talk about how I think the whole space program, past, present, and future seems to me to be a giant waste of a ridiculous amount of money - but I won't do that either.

What I will do instead is wish you all peace, prosperity and happiness.

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