Friday, May 13, 2011

Wrap It Up

Another week goes into the history books - funny how quickly they seem to pass, even when they seem like they went by slowly.

I know it seems silly to care that James Durbin was eliminated on idol and I sense that his talent will take him farther than most, if not all of the other contestants he competed against but it just seems so strange that there are som many people voting for Haley, who I really see as talentless.

I'm sad at the flooding situation in Mississippi.

The great baseball legend announced that he is surrendering his battle with cancer and beginning hospice care.

I'm disappointed at the Yankees thus far this year. I still have very little faith in Joe Gerardi as a manager and as has been true for the last few yeas, their pitching is not reliable.

Everybody please send good thoughts, prayers and positive energy to my friend Tori.

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