Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your New American Idol Is...

He'll need to learn how to hold a microphone properly, and sooner rather than later, Scotty McCreary has taken the prize as this year's American Idol. He's young and a bit rough around the edges, he's not my first choice for superstardom of the top group this year (that would be James in a landslide) but I think that Scotty has a good shot at becoming a popular country music artist and carving a career out for himself.

Most of the finale show was painful but the highlights that were worth watching:

  • James Durbin rocking it with Judas Priest.
  • J-Lo shaking her money maker.
  • Beyonce shaking her money maker.
  • Of the finalists, the right one winning.
  • Seeing the stunning Sara Underwood from Fox Boston covering the event afterward.
This post was not written by a 12 year old, though I bet you couldn't tell.


Joy said...

This is the first season I've watched all of AI. I was for James the whole way through. He's the best singer and performer of them all, and I have a soft spot for him because his and my grandson have the same disorders. Odd reason? My mother and I both felt that way. Anyway after I googled the contract for AI and read an article in Slate about it, it might be better not to win it. I believe James will have a career, too. Look at Jennifer Hudson, who came in 7th.

Chris said...

I agree that James was the best of the performers and also agree on the contract thing - sometimes it can ruin a career.