Monday, June 06, 2011

7 Ways to Eat an Ice Cream Cone

Back in 1991, the girl I was dating at the time had some sort of project and while I don't recall the particulars, I know that my response to it was to write this little diddy called 7 ways to eat an ice cream cone. My quest was to explre double-entendre a bit and this is what I cam up with:

  1. Scoop your favourite flavour into the cone and take a long, slow lick
  2. Lick it fast and hard, as if it were on a stick
  3. Bite a hole into the bottom and suck that ice cream down
  4. Chew the cone around the edges, let it melt down to the ground
     The 5th way is to take the cone and shove it down your throat

  1. Whip the cream that makes you scream but wear an overcoat
  2. When you’re finished with the 1st cone, Have Another!

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