Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are Those Tears Falling From the Sky?

In a brief moment of complete silence I could hear the rain outside. I decided to focus a bit so I turned off all noisy distractions and even shut the light and then my eyes. I focused so that I could drown out all other stimuli except the sound of the rain and before long, all I could wonder was what if the rain was the earth crying.

Is it possible that the planet might be sad about how we abuse her so badly? Is it possible that the earth is sad because of all the damage we've so selfishly inflicted upon her?

Perhaps every now and again, she needs a good cry to try to make sense of it all. She's done nothing but try to provide for us, provide us with resources and nurture us we seem to go out of our way to be ungrateful and cause seemingly irreparable damage to her.

Is there some way we can collectively wipe the tears from the earth and at least try to be forgiven and reverse the mess we've made? Is there any way we can express gratitude to mother earth and make some effort to change our ways?

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