Thursday, June 30, 2011

As I Say Goodbye to June

Some accomplishments of the month:
  • Of all the things June brought between wacky weather, a stunning loss in the sauce competition, an attempt at social networking comedy and what have you by far and away the one thing this particular June brought that will always remain is a wonderful reconnection to someone very special.
  • I pushed out three, count'em three podcasts this month!
  • I cranked out a few new haiku's.
  • I cleaned up around the house a bit.
Looking ahead:
  • Vegas is coming up soon. Today I was laughing so hard remembering the last time I went to this conference in Vegas me and my colleagues were presenters. Wayne had a microphone wire coming out of the back of his jacket in such a way that it looked like a tail and moved like one as he paced while talking. I couldn't stop laughing, I tried every trick in the book including thinking of dead people but I was turning read and barely able to breath I was laughing so hard. I had to hide behind the notes I was holding - fortunately, I got it together-ish by the time I had to speak.
  • Road trip to visit...does anyone have any idea where I might acquire an actual Lotus Flower? Jeez they are hard to find.
  • Summer session I class ends this week - it was a pretty good class. Session II class begins on 7/5.
I'm pondering the idea of discussing how I've been extra emotional of late, perhaps even hyper-emotional, I think in a good way. This may work itself into a podcast.

That's all for now.

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