Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blowin' Off Steam

Three incidents I had to deal with at work made for a crummy morning that carried itself through a good portion of the day.
  1. Jerk-off cell phone dude. Guy walks into the lab/library on cell-phone in mid-conversation. I nicely, but firmly ask him to please finish his call outside. He had the nerve to put his freaking had up and tell me to hold on while he continued to walk-in and continue his conversation. Rude motherfucker! How about some respect for others in the room and the giant "No Cell Phone Use" sign? I told him that if I ever saw him talking on his cell phone in this room again I would call campus police immediately.
  2. (Yet another) dumbass opening up the printer. On each of the printers in the open lab, here is a very large, very bold sign that reads something to the effect that under no circumstances shall anyone other than employees of the college open the printers or press any o the fucking buttons. Yet almost daily, another dimbulb who can't fucking read opens the fucking printer or starts pressing the freaking buttons and fucking it up. As the sign says, "You may lose your account privileges..." Dumbassess! I'm telling this idiot whose opening the printer to please observe the sign and stop and she just goes on and ignores me - so I repeat myself a little louder and then again reminder her that I will disable her computer account, contact campus police and report her to the dean of students. Do rules matter to anyone? Do signs mean anything? Why can't a fucking college student read?
  3. Security Breach. This one was the most serious as I saw that someone was logged in using an internal use only account. Turns out this person wasn't yet registered and allegedly was given this username/password combo by a teacher (who also should not have had access to it). Fortunately, I didn't have to get too deep here - I told her she was in violation of college policy and that I would need to report this incident to campus authorities - she immediately gave up the teacher who gave her the info and I told her I would excuse her this once but another violation would potentially lead to expulsion. I then contacted my boss and let it go.
As the day went on, I let it go a bit at a time. I picked up my daughter after work and for the most part, I was better by them. After dinner, she and I blasted some tunes and just danced around the living room acting silly - it was super fun and very relaxing!

I am over all the blah now!


April said...

We had the same kind of day!! I loved this post. One of my favorites EVER! HA!!

Chris said...

April - nothing better than commiseration; thanks!