Saturday, June 04, 2011

Comfort Food

The name of this post seems to make no sense, yet. I started my day with an excellent workout followed by a crankin' protein rich strawberry smoothie. With some energy in me, I felt the need to give the bathroom in my bedroom a good scrub from top to bottom and doing so left me with a small sense of accomplishment.

Now that I had a sparkling clean shower, I thought it was time for a sparkling clean me so I jumped in said shower and with a similar zest (not to be confused with the soap product), scrubbed me; also from top to bottom.

A clean bathroom and a clean me, I thought I might try my best to stay productive so I logged into the Blackboard and downloaded some student work and spent the next while grading and then I chilled out to watch something on TV that was apparently meaningless since I can't for the life of me recall what it was, just hours later.

Shortly after 3 pm though, something quite wonderful happened - the phone rang. It wasn't a pre-recorded nonsensical annoyance nor was it a telemarketer. Earlier in the week, while lurking about on LinkedIn, I went about my business and then started typing in names of people I haven't seen or heard from in a long time; I was almost surprised when one name, a particular Lisa, appeared. A few clicks and I was led to an email address, I sent an email, and after a dozen or so years, just like that I was back in touch with someone very special. After a few emails back and forth, we agreed to chat by phone on Saturday, today, between 3 and 4 and that was the phone call I was referring to.

It was nice to talk to Lisa and what was most pleasing, is that while some conversations after years and years often fell awkward, chatting with Lisa again felt like it always did and it was just so good to catch up and talk. I've learned in life that people will often come in and come out and some people are only supposed to be part of the ride for a very short time and others - for a longer period of time. Good friends are always good friends regardless of how much time, space and life get in the way and fill the spaces between communications. I hope that we can stay in closer contact.
For some reason, I busted out my old juicer today and concocted a bizarre juice from kale, tomatoes, carrots and an apple. the juice was good and after consumption, made me feel like I did something else good for myself. Were you aware that kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet?

I just finished watching a Crossroads episode with Steve Miller and Kenny Chesney - it was quite excellent!

Y'all take care of yourself.

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