Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Bullets

  • Got a price quote and some detailed information about going solar. Putting some serious thought into this.
  • Strategizing over the perfect recipe for a vegetarian spaghetti sauce as that is one of my charges - to produce and deliver one for Sunday evenings spaghetti supper.
  • Got a great positive email from a student today praising how much she likes my online class presentation - forwarded that one to both the dean and the provost.
  • I think people put too much into things that really shouldn't matter to them.
  • Cares less and less in general about sports as time passes.
  • I need to contact an arborist - I don't like that.
  • Looking forward to the start of Breaking Bad - Season 4.
No better way to close that with the class ballsy maneuver of (re)publishing an old photo of myself (I say re because it appears on Facebook already, thanks to a so-called friend):

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