Monday, June 13, 2011

How It Should Have Gone Down

At this evening's vestry meeting, Sarah brought along the golden apron she stole won yesterday and was gracious enough to allow me to try it on. The picture at your right is in my humblest of opinions more reflective of how things should have gone down but hey, after a day of reflection the fact is that Sarah is a class act and there is no shame is losing to her and besides, she's going to have another mouth to feed literally any day now (good luck to the Larson-DiPalma family on their pending new arrival).

I don't at all feel well rested, probably because I am not getting nearly enough sleep an the quality of sleep sucks as I've been having bizarre dreams the last few nights. I can hardly recall but I don't believe there really is much rhyme or reason to them - totally nonsensical but so vivid they exhaust me.

Perhaps the best thing to happen in a very (very) long time is reconnecting recently with someone I've missed dearly.

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