Monday, June 20, 2011

I Haven't a Clue

Today was a fundraiser day for the passport mission trip kids. One of the kinds of fundraisers that isn't as much about asking people to give you money but rather enjoying the benefits of people doing something they do regularly, in this case, eat. the local California Pizza Kitchen restaurant was the location and any and all purchases made by people who remember to bring our flyer will see 20% of the proceeds come back to the kids. I'm looking forward to seeing the results and thank everyone who made the trip to CPK.

Thanks to all my FB friends who friended my cousin's company. She was able to register her FB domain name and that made her happy.

Still pondering what I want to do for a vacation. Funny how people automatically assume that my Vegas trip is my vacation and how they think how luck I am to get a "free" trip. Yes, there are definitely some perks to it but I will be working full time and in fact, longer hours than if I were on campus, that's a fact. However, I am planning to enjoy my personal time by visiting some dear friends whom I haven't seen in very long and enjoying the general ambiance of sin city. As far as a vacation-vacation, I'm leaning toward a nice little cottage on a lake or something froofy like that-something serene. I'd love to do a cruise but not sure I can this year.

One of my favorite things I said today was "sleep well, dream big" - so I say it once again; peace!

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