Friday, June 03, 2011

A Look Behind, A Step Ahead

Perhaps one of the most inspiring people I've ever know is my friend Tori. This quote from a recent post had me thinking a lot about some of the things I am working on in myself, "When he gets lost driving somewhere, I want him to laugh and keep driving and maybe joke about a new adventure. That's what I do, and it bugs me when people are grumpy and complain about things that just are." The quote referred to one of her old boyfriend's but was part of a larger concept.

One of my faults is how upset I get over things I have zero control over. When I am stuck in traffic, I sometimes get livid and I know it is stupid, it won't change anything except my own mood and that of anyone else that I may be with; and not for the better. It's one of the things I work very hard at getting better at and the day after I read this post, at lunch time while coming back from work, I was caught up in traffic and while taking a deep breath, peeked into my rear view mirror and something kind of magical happened.

In the car behind me, was a mother and her very young child in a car seat. I saw the mom clapping her hands and clearly singing a song to her child - I saw an expression of such deep love and joy during this brief moment of what I would normally define as miserable (the being stuck in traffic part) but somehow, that joy from the car behind me came forward and I felt it. I was able to recall some similar joyous moments from when my daughter was smaller and it just felt so right to be where I was in that moment that I was almost grateful for the traffic.

I know that there is work to be done, it's all a work in progress but I feel so good about it.

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