Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ranting on Dentistry

Before I rant, I'll say this to the positive. When I was a kid, there was no such magical preventive option known as sealants. We got cavities and lots of them; lots of amalgam has been poured into this mouth yet my almost 13 year old daughter, who is no toothbrush marvel, has never had a cavity. Preventive dentistry, for the caring dentists who promote it and the caring parents who consider it has come a long way and overall - for the better.

Now, to bitch slap the rest of the industry and call it out. While I perfectly accept that a major portion of the dental industry revolves around the concept of "Cosmetic Dentistry", there are procedures that are often categorized as such that are necessary to maintain or restore basic oral health. These procedures need to become more affordable so that more people can have them.

Hand in hand with the dental industry, the other major problem, perhaps even more than the dental industry that can at least argue cost being associated with continuing scientific research and development and the cost of new higher tech tools, the insurance industry - most prominently the dental insurance industry is downright criminal.

We need more people to act on this and advocate for affordable patient care and dental insurance needs to be considered a part of health insurance. For dental procedures related to overall oral health, a proven factor in overall health, we need reform now.


JD said...

I agree. Most colleges of dentistry do offer free or low-cost dental care for those of us without deep pockets or dental coverage. So that's something.

Chris said...

Shannon - I am going to call BU dental school tomorrow and get the scoop. - Alice